Being a Muslim, I always endeavor in my life not only to earn fair livelihood but also to serve Muslims brothers and sisters who are in any way on the path of Allah. There cannot be any good job or business where you are able to serve the people who are on the path of God. In Abu Dhabi UAE, one part of air ticketing business deals in to facilitate thousands of Muslim who visit Saudi Arabia And all the world wide. When AL- HARAMAIN Travel Services was founded, our major portion of revenue used to come from pilgrims and it was extremely satisfying and piece giving process. Now we deal in international air ticketing services and work with almost all major and minor airlines of the world but still work for pilgrims is more rewarding as far as spiritual peace is concerned. In UAE, every person desires all his life to travel to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah as being Muslim, it is fundamental duty of a Muslim to perform Umrah at least once in life, if he is healthy and could afford it. So when I launched AL- HARAMAIN Travels Services, I pledged to myself that I would serve all the people who would be on the path of God with religious fervor and not with professional profit oriented approach. Today I thank Allah Almighty, that He provided me the strength and passion to keep it doing all my life. I feel extremely gratified and blessed with the fact that I have assisted thousands of pilgrims on their way to Umrah. This fact of my business always gives me strength and confidence and I am extremely grateful Allah almighty that He always blessed me in my noble business.

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